Ironically, over the years playing and performing around the South Florida area in the earlier recording days of the Late 1980s and mid 1990s, James Delia actually recorded more guitar parts for others than he did for “himself” with the exception of being a member of an original band. On occasion, James Delia would record some ideas on a Tascam Porta Studio 4Track and or whatever was available Usually as a ghost player hit man for hire, or as working behind the console as an engineer or producer for a project.

James Delia’s “Oge’s Odyssey” was one such compilation of ideas made withe the aid of a Boss Dr. Rhythm, a harmonizer for the bass end played via guitar, and also with Tascam 388 housed in a good friend’s garage studio. Most all of the parts were one take passes including the solos.



In the mid 1990 James Delia Formed Fragile Jane™. An amazing and unique group of South Florida players with the natural abilities to make great music. Sitting in the Big Chair was a “hurry up” 6 song EP/ demo, tracked in roughly 24 hours at Miami’s famed Criteria Recording Studios with Keith Rose engineering. The recording was for a solicited material request by one of the Major Labels in that time period. Unfortunately, during the same recording sessions, the group’s drummer was in a terrible motorcycle accident and as the band couldn’t immediately support the material, and the unknown time frame of the return of the drummer, the deal was shot down.

James Delia’s group Fragile Jane™ attempted once again to return to the studio when their drummer felt strong enough to return to his position. “Never Surrender” The Broken String Sessions, was the culmination of a year or so of biting at the bit, to record the ideas waiting within the minds of the group. Recorded on the Tascam 388 in the aforementioned friend’s garage recording studio, humbly named Broken String Studios, It is a fantastic showing of what can be done with damn near nothing but raw talent and gear. The songs reflect the “human condition” more so than their first recording.

James Delia’s “A Blue Day’s Dawn”, was the first actual recording with an actual thought process on behalf of  James Delia to put together an array of aural palettes sure to make any guitar fan a fan. Raw, filled with emotion, ripping licks and different styles to take you on a small, but adventurous musical journey..